Monthly Archives: March 2015

***Adopted!*** Hazel, Fawn and Kenna

We have three new cat’s at the shelter.  All three are from the same litter born about 9 months ago.  Two are gray and brown DMH tabbies named Hazel and Fawn. The third is black and white DSH named Kenna.

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***Adopted!*** Josie, Diggity, Keba, and Night

Please welcome some new cats to the shelter.

First up is Josie.  She is a DLH Calico that is spayed. We estimate her birthday to be 2012.  She is friendly and calm.



Next is Diggity.  He is a DMH Orange and White tabby.  We estimate his birthday to be May of 2014.



Say hi to Night. She is a black DSH. She is spayed and we estimate her birthday to be sometime in 2011.  She is petite and very sweet.



Last but not least is Keba.  He is a White and Brown Siamese mix.  He is neutered and we estimate his birthday to be sometime in 2008.  Keba is timid at first but once you start petting him you will have made a friend.  He has beautiful, big, blue eyes that everyone at the shelter has commented on.


If you have interest in any of the cats shown, feel free to stop in and visit them or give us a call.