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****Adopted!*** Sunshine

****Adopted!*** Sunshine

***Adopted!*** Tippy Tail, Talia, Olivia, Sugar, Pouincer, Onyx, Misha, Marshmallow, Kitzie, Firecracker, and Bennie

We have a lot of kittens that are supper cute and ready to join their forever families.  There is quite a selection.  Just take a look.

Tippy TailTippy Tail











Special Needs Animals at Our Shelter

Putting the spotlight on some of our special needs animals at the shelter.  These are some cats at the shelter that would require special homes and special attention.

Miss Kitty is a very loving cat…in the right situation.  She does not do well with dogs, kids and some other cats.  She would do best as an only pet in an adult only household where the owners would be satisfied with affection when she seeks it. Miss Kitty

If you think you have a home that would suit one of these cats or you have questions, please contact the shelter during our regular hours or message us on our website or Facebook.



We have a very sweet special needs cat who is looking for a new home! Meet Shadow, one of the sweetest, most mellow cats you will meet, who also happens to have some stunning aqua colored eyes. He is around 2-3 years old. He is such a love! He adores being pet and loved on. He gets along great with dogs too.
What makes him special needs is that he tested positive for Feline Leukemia, an immunodeficient virus that is lifelong. It means he will always be more susceptible to illness. However, as an indoor only pet, and with good care, we know of a rescue that has consistently seen these cats live for 10 or more years. The few we have at the shelter have made wonderful turnarounds with proper care. He does need to have a home with no other cats unless they too are FelV+, as it is infectious through biting. It is NOT contagious to humans or dogs, or anything else except cats. And of course, the shelter is always willing to provide continued support.



***Adopted!*** Mickey, Tippy Tail, Misha, Talia, Kitzie, and Everett

We have a litter of the cutest little kittens and they are ready for adoption.  Four are female and are the white and tabby and one male which is the primarily tabby. Estimated birthday is April, 2015

Females: Tippy Tail(farthest back), Misha(middle), Talia (front)                            and Kitzie(far right )                                                                                                                    Male: Everett (far left)

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We also have Mickey a male DSH Frosted Black & White Siamese mix. Estimated birthday is mid March 2015.7DII4586Stop out to the shelter and check them and the rest of our kitties out.

***Adopted!*** Noah and Bandit

We have two stray cats that were recently brought to the shelter.  If either of these are your cat please contact the shelter.

Found 062915_2Found 062915_3

Please have vet records and/or pictures of you and the cat together.  If not claimed these cats will be available for adoption the week of July 6th.

Update 07/12/15 – Both cats were not claimed.  The tabby and white (We named Noah) has been adopted.  The Siamese we named Bandit.  He has recently been neutered and vetted and is available for adoption.