***Adopted!*** Noah and Bandit

We have two stray cats that were recently brought to the shelter.  If either of these are your cat please contact the shelter.

Found 062915_2Found 062915_3

Please have vet records and/or pictures of you and the cat together.  If not claimed these cats will be available for adoption the week of July 6th.

Update 07/12/15 – Both cats were not claimed.  The tabby and white (We named Noah) has been adopted.  The Siamese we named Bandit.  He has recently been neutered and vetted and is available for adoption.


6 responses to “***Adopted!*** Noah and Bandit

  1. Connie Martin

    What time do you open tomorrow? I have had a Siamese in the past – love them. I would like to adopt him.

  2. Was the
    Siamese ever claimed? If not is he ready for a new home?

  3. Hi Kristin, I wish I had better news for you, but this guy has not been neutered. I hope everything works out and your cat finds it’s way home. RAAS (DS)

  4. kristin archer

    I can’t imagine that the siamese looking cat could be mine i live all the way by le sueur! I have been missing our neutered male since winter. He would be 4yrs old. I can send a picture if you can let me know if it is indeed a neutered male. Thanks Kristin Archer 6122453504

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