Rocco, Murphy, Endora, and Muffet ***All Adopted!***

Rocco 10.07.2015

***Adopted!*** Rocco 10.07.2015

***Adopted!*** Murphy

***Adopted!*** Murphy

Endora 10.07.2015

***Adopted*** Endora 10.07.2015

***Adopted*** Little Miss Muffet came in as a stray last week. No one came to claim this sweet girl, so she is now available for adoption. We believe her to be a kitten from this spring, born around May 2015. She is a dilute calico, though mostly white. (See that cream spot on her tummy? She has both blue and cream hiding under all that white.) She is longhaired. This is an extremely affectionate kitten. She kneads the ground in happy anticipation of being pet, she loves it so.

Muffet 09.30.2015

***Adopted*** Muffet 09.30.2015


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