Monthly Archives: December 2015

Adoptions! 12.31.2015

We had quite a number of adoptions last week! Yay!

Pepper 10.23.2015

***Adopted!*** Pepper 10.23.2015


***Adopted!*** Buttons


***Adopted!*** Tansy

Mishi (Me-She)

***Adopted!*** Mishi (Me-She)


***Adopted!*** Noel


***Adopted!*** Picasso


***Adopted!*** Marcus

***Adopted!***  Onyx

***Adopted!*** Onyx

***Adopted!*** Regena

***Adopted!*** Regena

***Adopted!*** Regena

Adoption! 12.23.2015

Mossy went unclaimed, and was adopted the day she became available!

***Adopted!*** Mossy

***Adopted!*** Mossy

Adoptions! 12.21.2015

Diesel and Smokey both found homes today!

Smokey 12.03.2015

***Adopted!*** Smokey 12.03.2015


***Adopted!*** Diesel

Adoptions! 12.19.2015

We’ve had three more adoptions today! We are on a roll, and it feels good to see so many critters get homes for Christmas!

Stan 12.16.2015

***Adopted!*** Stan 12.16.2015

Peanut 12.03.2015

***Adopted!*** Peanut 12.03.2015

***Adopted!***  Snowflake.

***Adopted!*** Snowflake.

Adoptions 12.18.2015

Waffles and Ginger were adopted together!


***Adopted!*** Ginger


***Adopted!*** Waffles

***Update: Adopted*** Tonka 12.16.2015

No one has come to claim Tonka, so he is now available for adoption. He is a sweet, sweet loveable teddy bear of a cat; he does so enjoy being pet! If you can’t tell from the photo, this is a big cat; Tonka is 14 pounds and not at all fat. He has the cutest short tail and legs to go with that; he looks like a sumo when he stands up. Come meet this guy; it’s impossible not to fall in love with him!

For a complete list of our adoptable pets, visit the photo section of the website:

Tonka 12.16.2015

***Adopted*** Tonka 12.16.2015

Tonka being pet.  12.16.2015

***Adopted*** Tonka 12.16.2015

***Update: Adopted!*** Stan 12.16.2015

Stan is a golden retriever/labrador mix, male, about three years old, and sweet as can be. He loves to be hugged and pet; he’d love to always be by his person’s side. Stan just needs to find that person. He is waiting for a home to call his own.

Stan 12.16.2015

***Adopted*** Stan 12.16.2015

Adoptions 12.16.2015

Azalea and Sunflower, two of Endora’s kittens, have found a home together!

***Adopted!*** Azalea 12.03.2015

***Adopted!*** Azalea 12.03.2015

***Adopted!***  Sunflower 12.03.2015

***Adopted!*** Sunflower 12.03.2015

Adoptions 12.15.2015

We had a number of adoptions over the last week:

Cheetoh 09.18.2015

***Adopted!*** Cheetoh 09.18.2015

Baxter 09.18.2015

***Adopted!*** Baxter 09.18.2015

Parker 11.20.2015

***Adopted!*** Parker 11.20.2015

Aladdin and Fritz 12.09.2015

***Adopted!*** Aladdin and Fritz 12.09.2015