***All Adopted!*** Paris, Huckleberry, Loki, Frankie, Evee, Dolly, and Maple

We have another new batch of kitties! There was a hoarder situation, and we agreed to help out the shelter in charge of it by taking on seven of the cats. Five of them are black, one is blue and white, and the other is a fluffy brown tabby. All will be needing new homes.

For a description of each cat, go to “Photos”, then “Adoptable Cats.”

***Adopted!*** Huckleberry

***Adopted!*** Huckleberry

***Adopted!*** Evee

***Adopted!*** Evee

***Adopted!***  Paris

***Adopted!*** Paris

***Adopted!***  Maple

***Adopted!*** Maple

***Adopted!***  Loki

***Adopted!*** Loki

***Adopted!***  Dolly

***Adopted!*** Dolly

***Adopted!***  Frankie

***Adopted!*** Frankie


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