***Adopted!*** Molly and Bear 02.28.2016

Molly Bear Basket 02.26.2016

***Adopted*** Molly Bear Basket 02.26.2016

***Adopted!***  Molly

***Adopted!*** Molly

***Adopted!*** Bear

***Adopted!*** Bear


7 responses to “***Adopted!*** Molly and Bear 02.28.2016

  1. Deopoldo charles

    Becky do u know the number to the person that has adopted molly?

  2. Bear is the puppy color and breed I am looking for. Is she still available? How much does she weigh now?

    • Thank you for your interest, but Bear has been adopted.

      • Deopoldo Charles Jr

        Becky, do u still have Molly? I am the previous owners son and I really love that dog and I didn’t want to put her in the animal shelter but I was forced to, and I was wondering if I was able to get her from u? Any price? Anything I’ll do it. I JUST WANT HER BACK

        • I am sorry, but Molly has been adopted now for a while. She was adopted almost right away after arriving at the shelter, to a carefully approved home.

  3. I will take one of them if available.

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