Monthly Archives: March 2016

***Adopted!*** Athena, Brewster, Pipsqueak, Skittles 03.25.2016

***Adopted!***  Athena

***Adopted!*** Athena

***Adopted!***  Brewster

***Adopted!*** Brewster

***Adopted!***  Pipsqueak

***Adopted!*** Pipsqueak

***Adopted!***  Skittles

***Adopted!*** Skittles

***Adopted!*** Truffles 03.18.2016

Truffles has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Truffles

***Adopted!*** Truffles

***Adopted!*** Casey, Shamrock, and Maple 03.16.2016

Casey has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Casey

***Adopted!*** Casey

Shamrock was adopted just as soon as her stray hold went up! I never even had the chance to post her as adoptable.

***Adopted!***  Shamrock

***Adopted!*** Shamrock

Maple has been adopted! After having been through so much, it is wonderful to see this sweet gal in a home of her own so soon.

***Adopted!***  Maple

***Adopted!*** Maple

***Adopted!*** Bailey 03.08.2016

Bailey has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Bailey

***Adopted!*** Bailey

***Adopted*** Bentley, Zula 03.09.2016

Bentley, Ferbie, Zula 03.08.2016

Bentley, Ferbie, Zula 03.08.2016

***Adopted!***  Bentley

***Adopted!*** Bentley

***Adopted!***  Zula

***Adopted!*** Zula

***Adopted!*** Calypso 03.06.2016

Calypso has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Calypso

***Adopted!*** Calypso

***Adopted!*** BG and Elvis 03.01.2016

BG has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  BG

***Adopted!*** BG

***Adopted!***  Elvis

***Adopted!*** Elvis

***Adopted!*** Misty 03.01.2016

***Adopted!***  Misty

***Adopted!*** Misty