Monthly Archives: April 2016

***Adopted!*** Biscuit, Denim, Coco, Harley, Odie, and Shaggy 04.26.2016

The kitties Biscuit, Denim, and Coco have all been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Biscuit

***Adopted!*** Biscuit

***Adopted!***  Denim

***Adopted!*** Denim

***Adopted!***  Coco

***Adopted!*** Coco

Harley, Odie, and Shaggy have also been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Harley

***Adopted!*** Harley

***Adopted!***  Shaggy

***Adopted!*** Shaggy

***Adopted!***  Odie

***Adopted!*** Odie

***Adopted!*** Nico, Figaro 04.19.2016

We’ve had some more pets find new homes!

***Adopted!***  Nico

***Adopted!*** Nico

***Adopted!***  Figaro

***Adopted!*** Figaro

***Adopted!*** Mickey 04.09.2016

***Adopted!***  Mickey

***Adopted!*** Mickey

***Adopted!*** Rhylee 04.09.2016

Meet Rhylee, a 3 month old German shorthair pointer/ chocolate lab cross. (Born January 6 of this year.) She was surrendered to the shelter due to a lack of time for her. She loves to play, whether with people or other dogs. She is extremely friendly! She is full of puppy energy, but then again, she is a puppy. She is a very dark chocolate in color, with those cute little white feet. She just wants to spend as much time with people as she can. Now she just needs some new people to call her own.

***Adopted!***  Rhylee

***Adopted!*** Rhylee

***Adopted!*** Wifi

***Adopted!*** Wifi

***Adopted!*** Wifi

***Adopted!*** Rowan, Riley, and Camie 04.08.2016

Rowan and Riley were adopted together by an awesome family!

***Adopted!***  Rowan

***Adopted!*** Rowan

***Adopted!***  Riley

***Adopted!*** Riley

Camie just found a home all her own! Yay!

***Adopted!***  Camie

***Adopted!*** Camie

***Adopted!*** Maisy 04.02.2016

No one came to claim Maisy, so she is now looking for a new home. We believe her to be a border collie/black lab cross, maybe two years old. She is young and full of energy. She is as sweet as can be! She loves kids and playing with them. Well, she loves everyone, for that matter. She would do best with an active home, or a home with kids to wear her out. She does love to follow people around too, even if you are not directly interacting with. She gets along well with other dogs; when tested with another dog, she was cautious of the introduction, but quickly transitioned into full on play mode. She loved playing with another dog. She seems fine with cats too. When introduced to a cat through her kennel door, she was very interested, but didn’t bark or lunge. She just watched the cat, and let the cat sniff her through the bars.

***Adopted!***  Maisy

***Adopted!*** Maisy

***Adopted*** Buttermilk and Domino 03.30.2016

Both Buttermilk and Domino found homes last week!

***Adopted!***  Domino

***Adopted!*** Domino

***Adopted!***  Buttermilk

***Adopted!*** Buttermilk