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Jayden, Chevron, Vader, Parker, Bryce, and Tasha ***All Adopted!***

We have a number of new arrivals to the shelter!

We have another four orphan kittens that just came in, all of which will be needing homes when they are old enough.

***Adopted!***  Jayden

***Adopted!*** Jayden

***Adopted!***  Chevron

***Adopted!*** Chevron

***Adopted!***  Vader

***Adopted!*** Vader

***Adopted!*** Parker

***Adopted!*** Parker

Meet Bryce and Tasha, a pair of appx. 4 weeks old tabby and white kittens who were found wandering in the middle of hwy. 71. Thankfully they were spotted and brought to the shelter before anything bad happened! They are eating their wet cat food well, and will be looking for homes of their own in about 4 weeks.

***Adopted!***  Bryce

***Adopted!*** Bryce

***Adopted!***  Tasha

***Adopted!*** Tasha

For more information and a complete list of adoptable animals at the shelter, visit our adoptable pets gallery.

Tippy and her four kittens are looking for homes! ***Update: All Adopted! *** 05.20.2016

***Update: All adopted!***

Tippy’s kittens are growing so fast! They are starting to walk around, at least if you consider the little toddly wobbly thing that they do walking. (Eh, it’s even cuter than walking.) Enjoy some updated photos of the quartet. They were all born on 04.18.2016. They will all be ready to go to new homes when they are 8-10 weeks old. Contact the shelter if you would be interested in any of these little fuzzballs.

***Adopted!***  Tippy

***Adopted!*** Tippy

***Adopted!***  Cracker

***Adopted!*** Cracker

***Adopted!***  Graham

***Adopted!*** Graham

***Adopted!***  Marta

***Adopted!*** Marta

***Adopted!***  Tango

***Adopted!*** Tango

For more information, visit the adoptable pets gallery.

Ashleigh’s Kittens are looking for homes! ***Update: All adopted!*** 05.20.2016

Meet Ashleigh’s kittens! They are about 4 weeks old now and will all be needing homes when they are old enough to be weaned at about 8-10 weeks old.

***Adopted!***  Eddie Munster

***Adopted!*** Eddie Munster

***Adopted!***  Einstein

***Adopted!*** Einstein

***Adopted!***  Kahlua

***Adopted!*** Kahlua

***Adopted!***  Mario

***Adopted!*** Mario

***Adopted!***  Phantom

***Adopted!*** Phantom

For more information, visit the adoptable pets gallery.

***All Adopted!*** Yoshi, Reggie, and Lacy

Meet Lisha’s 3 kittens, who are about the same age as Ashleigh’s. The two mommas came in together, and even share the responsibility of each others’ kittens. They keep them all together in one big pile and take turns nursing them. They will all need homes in about 4 weeks or so, when they are 8-10 weeks old. They can be adopted now; as in, the form can be filled out for them. They just can’t leave yet.

***Adopted!*** Reggie

***Adopted!*** Reggie

***Adopted!*** Lacy

***Adopted!***  Yoshi

***Adopted!*** Yoshi

For more information, visit the adoptable pets gallery.

Five Orphan Kittens looking for Homes! ***Update: All Adopted!*** 05.20.2016

These five orphan kittens will be needing homes in about 4 weeks. They are all very sweet and love to be with people. They love to be carried around and held close, and will run their little motors the whole time.
“Please excuse our messy little faces and paws. We have no momma to clean us, and haven’t quite figured out that we don’t need to smash our faces into our wet food and walk through it in order to eat it. The staff tries to keep us clean, but we are so good at getting messy again in short order. Don’t worry, we will figure out how to wash ourselves when we get a little older.” -Patrick, messiest of them all.

***Adopted!***  Wally

***Adopted!*** Wally

***Adopted!***  Patrick

***Adopted!*** Patrick

***Adopted!***  Leia

***Adopted!*** Leia

***Adopted!***  Jilly

***Adopted!*** Jilly

***Adopted!***  Scooter

***Adopted!*** Scooter

For more information, visit the adoptable pets gallery.

***Adopted!*** Zeke 05.12.2016

***Update: This little guy was not claimed within the five day hold, so he was put up for adoption, and adopted the very same day!

This little poodle mix was brought to the shelter today (Thursday 05.12). He was found near the Redwood Falls Cemetery on N. Swain St. earlier this afternoon. He is male, neutered, and has no collar. Does anyone know where he belongs?

Lost Poodle 05.12.2016

Zeke 05.12.2016

Blissa, Piper, Jack, and Diesel. ***Update: All adopted!*** 05.09.2016

***Adopted!*** Blissa

***Adopted!*** Blissa

***Adopted!***  Piper

***Adopted!*** Piper

***Adopted!***  Jack

***Adopted!*** Jack

***Adopted!***  Diesel

***Adopted!*** Diesel

***Adopted!*** Endora and Zula 05.06.2016

Endora and Zula have both found homes!

***Adopted!***  Zula

***Adopted!*** Zula

***Adopted!***  Endora

***Adopted!*** Endora