Tippy and her four kittens are looking for homes! ***Update: All Adopted! *** 05.20.2016

***Update: All adopted!***

Tippy’s kittens are growing so fast! They are starting to walk around, at least if you consider the little toddly wobbly thing that they do walking. (Eh, it’s even cuter than walking.) Enjoy some updated photos of the quartet. They were all born on 04.18.2016. They will all be ready to go to new homes when they are 8-10 weeks old. Contact the shelter if you would be interested in any of these little fuzzballs.

***Adopted!***  Tippy

***Adopted!*** Tippy

***Adopted!***  Cracker

***Adopted!*** Cracker

***Adopted!***  Graham

***Adopted!*** Graham

***Adopted!***  Marta

***Adopted!*** Marta

***Adopted!***  Tango

***Adopted!*** Tango

For more information, visit the adoptable pets gallery.


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