Jayden, Chevron, Vader, Parker, Bryce, and Tasha ***All Adopted!***

We have a number of new arrivals to the shelter!

We have another four orphan kittens that just came in, all of which will be needing homes when they are old enough.

***Adopted!***  Jayden

***Adopted!*** Jayden

***Adopted!***  Chevron

***Adopted!*** Chevron

***Adopted!***  Vader

***Adopted!*** Vader

***Adopted!*** Parker

***Adopted!*** Parker

Meet Bryce and Tasha, a pair of appx. 4 weeks old tabby and white kittens who were found wandering in the middle of hwy. 71. Thankfully they were spotted and brought to the shelter before anything bad happened! They are eating their wet cat food well, and will be looking for homes of their own in about 4 weeks.

***Adopted!***  Bryce

***Adopted!*** Bryce

***Adopted!***  Tasha

***Adopted!*** Tasha

For more information and a complete list of adoptable animals at the shelter, visit our adoptable pets gallery.


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