Britta, Toffee, and Claudette ***Update: All adopted!*** 06.04.2016

We have three more kittens that are looking for new homes. They are currently in foster care at the Fairfax Vet, if anyone would like to meet them in person. Their caretaker has just sent me these photos of the three sisters. They are all about 10 weeks old. Britta is a mackerel brown tabby, Claudette is a ticked (Abyssinian) brown tabby with white accents, and Toffee is a ticked (Abyssinian) brown tabby. They are being adopted through RAAS.

Britta. F, brown tabby, appx. 10 weeks old. Description from her foster mom: “very active/adventurous, kind of naughty, likes to be petted but doesn’t care for being held. Very fearless, she was ready to take on a 90lb German Shepard on Tuesday.”

Claudette. F, Ticked (Abyssinian) brown tabby, appx. 10 wks. old. Description from her foster mom: “she’s lovey, likes to be held, pretty calm and laid back. Can be kind of shy. ”

Toffee. F, ticked (Abyssinian) brown tabby, appx. 10 weeks old. Description from her foster mom: “she is the larger of the 3. She is a good mix of the other 2. She can be fearless and likes to fight with Britta but will be laid back and calm with Claudette.”

***Adopted!***  Toffee

***Adopted!*** Toffee

***Adopted!***  Britta

***Adopted!*** Britta

***Adopted!***  Claudette

***Adopted!*** Claudette


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