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Stormy, Lightning, and Jasmine ***Update: All adopted***

***Adopted!*** Lightning

***Adopted!*** Lightning

***Adopted!*** Stormy

***Adopted!*** Stormy

***Adopted!*** Jasmine

***Adopted!*** Jasmine

Kirby has been adopted!

***Adopted!*** Kirby

***Adopted!*** Kirby

***Update: Adopted!*** Gus

***Update: Adopted!***

No one came to claim Gus, so he is now looking for a new home. He is a male, blue tabby, longhaired cat (DLH). He is probably a 2015 kitten (born last year.) He is very sweet and affectionate with people.

***Adopted!***  Gus

***Adopted!*** Gus

More adoptions!

***Adopted!***  Vader

***Adopted!*** Vader

***Adopted!***  Franklin

***Adopted!*** Franklin

***Adopted!***  Ziggy

***Adopted!*** Ziggy

***Adopted!***  Jilly

***Adopted!*** Jilly

Phantom has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Phantom

***Adopted!*** Phantom

Tippy has been adopted!

Tippy has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Tippy

***Adopted!*** Tippy

Luna has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Luna

***Adopted!*** Luna

***Adopted!*** Calliope, Mira, and Quinn

No one came to claim these gals, so all three are looking for new homes. We estimate them to be born Mid-May this year. They are all very sweet and friendly!
Calliope: mackerel blue tabby and white, white only on the paws, face, and chest; female, DSH.
Mira: ticked blue tabby and white, mostly white; female, DSH.
Quinn: mackerel blue tabby, female, DSH.

***Adopted!*** Mira

***Adopted!*** Mira

***Adopted!***  Calliope

***Adopted!*** Calliope

***Adopted!***  Quinn

***Adopted!*** Quinn

Tasha and Mario have been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Tasha

***Adopted!*** Tasha

***Adopted!***  Mario

***Adopted!*** Mario

Misty has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Misty

***Adopted!*** Misty