Monthly Archives: July 2016

Silky has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Silky

***Adopted!*** Silky

Sundae has been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Sundae

***Adopted!*** Sundae

Bryce and Kahlua have been adopted!

***Adopted!***  Kahlua

***Adopted!*** Kahlua

***Adopted!***  Bryce

***Adopted!*** Bryce

Chevron and Scooter were adopted together!

***Adopted!***  Chevron

***Adopted!*** Chevron

***Adopted!***  Scooter

***Adopted!*** Scooter

Jack and Rocco were adopted together!

***Adopted!***  Jack

***Adopted!*** Jack

***Adopted!***  Rocco

***Adopted!*** Rocco

***Update: Adopted!*** Citrus

***Adopted!***  Citrus

***Adopted!*** Citrus

No one came to claim Citrus, so he is now looking for a new home. He is a sweet and playful kitty, probably 1-2 years old. He loves attention and loves to be pet and held. He will roll belly up looking for some petting. He has been neutered now and is ready to go home!

More Adoptions!

***Returned Home!*** Titan

***Returned Home!*** Titan

***Adopted!***  Fergie

***Adopted!*** Fergie

***Adopted!***  Lisha

***Adopted!*** Lisha

***Adopted!***  Ashleigh

***Adopted!*** Ashleigh

***Adopted!***  Sherbert

***Adopted!*** Sherbert

***All Adopted!*** Chief, Maya, and Princess

***Update: Adopted!***
No one has come in to claim Chief, and so he is now being made available for adoption. He is young; maybe around 5 months old. He is still a pup. We believe him to be a German shepherd/boxer cross. He is very friendly and loves to play. He is smart too; he has already learned “sit”, and is learning not to jump on people. Come by and meet him! Even if you can’t adopt him, volunteers are always welcome to come and play with the dogs. They do so appreciate it!

***Adopted!***  Chief

***Adopted!*** Chief

***Update: Adopted!***
No one came to claim Maya, so now she needs to find a new home. She is a black lab mix. A groomer suggested she looks like a boxer/lab. She looks to be around a year old, maybe two. She is young. She is rather shy and timid around people she doesn’t know, but once she warms up to you, she is such a happy, loving girl. She will follow you around and play with you! She is the type of dog that will bond very strongly to her family, it seems.

***Adopted!***  Maya

***Adopted!*** Maya

***Update: Adopted!***
Princess’ owner ceased contact with the shelter and did not come to claim her within the stray hold period, so she is now looking for a new home. Princess is a young chihuahua, probably less than a year old, and weighs in at only 7 lbs. She is a sweet and loving little lap dog who loves to follow you around. She can’t get enough attention! She is quiet, polite, and housetrained. She is rather timid, so a busy household would likely not be a good fit for her.

***Adopted!***  Princess

***Adopted!*** Princess

***All Adopted!*** Tasha, Wiggins, Verona, Sturgis, Shelby, Meridian, Magnolia, Magee, Liberty, Hamilton, Flora, Duncan, Caledonia, and Biloxi

***Adopted!***  Tasha

***Adopted!*** Tasha

***Adopted!***  Wiggins

***Adopted!*** Wiggins

***Adopted!***  Verona

***Adopted!*** Verona

***Adopted!*** Sturgis

***Adopted!***  Shelby

***Adopted!*** Shelby

***Adopted!***  Meridian

***Adopted!*** Meridian

***Adopted!***  Magnolia

***Adopted!*** Magnolia

***Adopted!***  Magee

***Adopted!*** Magee

***Adopted!*** Liberty

***Adopted!***  Hamilton

***Adopted!*** Hamilton

***Adopted!***  Flora

***Adopted!*** Flora

***Adopted!***  Duncan

***Adopted!*** Duncan

***Adopted!***  Caledonia

***Adopted!*** Caledonia

***Adopted!***  Biloxi

***Adopted!*** Biloxi