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***Update: Reunited!*** Found dog! Redwood Falls

***Jett had gone home after having been reported missing back in May! It was a tearful and beautiful reunion.

Found dog! This fellow was found at the intersection of Broadway and Dekalb St. in Redwood Falls. He is friendly, is well fed, and has been recently groomed; someone must be missing him! Please help us find his family. He is waiting at the shelter.

Jax 08.26.2016

Jax 08.26.2016

Tasha, Lightning, and Oliver Adopted!

***Adopted!***  Oliver

***Adopted!*** Oliver

***Adopted!***  Lightning

***Adopted!*** Lightning

***Adopted!***  Tasha

***Adopted!*** Tasha

More adoptions!

***Adopted!***  Abby

***Adopted!*** Abby

***Adopted!***  Wiggins

***Adopted!*** Wiggins

***Adopted!***  Shelby

***Adopted!*** Shelby

***Adopted!***  Meridian

***Adopted!*** Meridian

***Adopted!***  Caledonia

***Adopted!*** Caledonia

***Adopted!***  Britta

***Adopted!*** Britta

***Adopted!*** Crisko

***Adopted!*** Crisko

***Adopted!*** Crisko

Vince, Kym, Boris, and Henry **Update: All Adopted!***

Four more orphan kittens need homes when they are old enough! They are currently about 5 weeks old. (Est. to be born around June 20.) They will be ready to go when they are about 8 weeks old.
Vince: Male, DSH, orange tabby.
Kym: Female, DSH, blue tabby with white toes on her left front and hind toes.
Henry: Male, DSH, blue tabby and white.
Boris: Male, DSH, mackerel brown tabby

***Adopted!***  Vince

***Adopted!*** Vince

Adopted!  Kym

***Adopted!*** Kym

***Adopted!***  Henry

***Adopted!*** Henry

Adopted!  Boris

Adopted! Boris

Odie ***Update: Adopted!***

Odie is still looking for a home! He is an 8 year old purebred Devon rex who’s owners no longer wanted him. He is currently at Fairfax Vet, but is being adopted through the Redwood shelter.

Adopted! Odie

Adopted! Odie

Pipen and Princess ***Update: Both Adopted!***

Princess is a female bengal cross, about 3 years old, with spotted brown tabby markings. She can be shy with people she doesn’t know, but is very sweet and cuddly with those she does.

Pipen is a female DSH, front declawed, about 3-4 years old, with ticked dilute tabico coloration. She also has the most intense eyes. Pipen is chill and lazy and loveable; she’ll take petting from anyone. (And loves every bit of it!) She’s a big girl at about 15 pounds.

***Adopted!***  Pipen

***Adopted!*** Pipen

***Adopted!***  Princess

***Adopted!*** Princess

***Update: Adopted!*** Vito

***Adopted!*** Vito

***Adopted!*** Vito

No one came to claim this handsome fellow, so Vito now needs a new home. He looks to be a fox hound, somewhere between 1 and 2 years old. He is plenty friendly with everyone he meets, including other dogs. However, he has a lot of energy that he expresses at least partially by jumping on people. He is being trained not to jump, and he is very treat oriented and learns pretty readily. He will need daily exercise to be happy and content. He really is a great dog for someone who is willing to put some training into him.

Cleo ***Update: Adopted!***

Cleo was brought in to the shelter with her six kittens, all of which need homes. She is currently helping to care for four orphan kittens, as her kittens are old enough to be fine without her. She is doing such a good job too! When these four orphans are old enough, Cleo will be looking for a home of her own. She is a really sweet and beautiful longhaired cat. She is a brown and orange classic patched tabby. She was born last fall, we believe.

***Adopted!***  Cleo

***Adopted!*** Cleo

***All Adopted!*** Winston, Linex, Jazabell, Princess, Nona, and Myland

These are the six kittens that came in with Cleo.
Jazabell: Black, DSH, female.
Linex: mackerel brown tabby and white, DLH/manx X, female. Has a natural bob tail.
Nona: Orange tabby and white, DLH, female.
Myland: Orange tabby and white, DLH, female.
Princess: Black and white tuxedo, DSH, female.
Winston: Mackerel brown tabby and white, DLH, male.

***Adopted!***  Winston

***Adopted!*** Winston

***Adopted!***  Linex

***Adopted!*** Linex

***Adopted!*** Jazabell

***Adopted!*** Jazabell

***Adopted!*** Princess

***Adopted!*** Princess

***Adopted!*** Nona

***Adopted!*** Nona

***Adopted!***  Myland

***Adopted!*** Myland