Pipen and Princess ***Update: Both Adopted!***

Princess is a female bengal cross, about 3 years old, with spotted brown tabby markings. She can be shy with people she doesn’t know, but is very sweet and cuddly with those she does.

Pipen is a female DSH, front declawed, about 3-4 years old, with ticked dilute tabico coloration. She also has the most intense eyes. Pipen is chill and lazy and loveable; she’ll take petting from anyone. (And loves every bit of it!) She’s a big girl at about 15 pounds.

***Adopted!***  Pipen

***Adopted!*** Pipen

***Adopted!***  Princess

***Adopted!*** Princess


4 responses to “Pipen and Princess ***Update: Both Adopted!***

  1. I am Pipen and Princess’s owner. Prinsess was adopted and I was able to get Pipen back thanks to the wonderful people of this shelter! They are both happy!

  2. These two didn’t come up together on the Aoptable Pets website I went on yesterday, but I had left a comment on Princess including Pipen. If these two have been best of friends, we’d be interested in both. I do need to know if there is a lot of shedding or any health concerns though. I have asthma, but being around felines that do not shed much is not a trigger whereas otherwise I do have some problems with continual shedding. What’s the cost if we adopt the two together? We’ve a huge house with deep window sills for sunning and I’ve a deluxe cat center I’ve made plus have 2 other heavy duty scratching posts/activity platforms that I’ve made. Our last feline family member was a rescue cat that was with us for an additional 18 years after we got him as an adult. My cell is 507-626-0423. Thank you.

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