Li’l Buddy

***Adopted!*** Li'l Buddy

***Adopted!*** Li’l Buddy


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  1. Hello! Li’l Buddy has been very good about not having accidents in his kennel, even overnight. He waits until he is let outside to go to the bathroom. As to how well he gets along with children, I have never seen a person he has not liked. He is very social and friendly. He does not seem overly concerned about being left alone in his kennel overnight; he readily puts himself away when he is let in from outside. It does not appear he has separation anxiety at all. He is a very active dog. Buddy loves to run around and play! Feel free to come in and meet him any time during open hours; M-F 3-7 and Sat. 11-2. For more information, you can also call the shelter during open hours at: (507) 644-3853 If you are thinking you want to adopt him, the adoption forms are available under “Adoption Forms” above on this website, or else you can pick them up at the shelter.

    Thank you for your interest in him!

  2. Interested in him. Is he house trained and does he like kids(older). Does he have separation anxiety and needs a stay at home owner Active family which loves dogs.

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