This has been a hard week at the shelter, with the loss of Ivy, and now with the loss of another dear, sweet feline friend; Sox. Sox was a sweet old soul that had become a staff favorite in her time at the shelter. She loved everyone around her, and made it her personal mission to let them know it. She would sit on the desk when you were working on paperwork, or on the back of the plush leather chair, or right alongside you. Anywhere near her people was fine by her. She had her favorite cubby in the bathroom cupboard. Initially, we tried to keep her out, but she had figured out how to undo the latch and get in anyway. So we just gave in, moved the toilet paper, and gave her a bed there instead. She was quick to leave her spot, though, if she saw the opportunity to go get some attention from someone. We will likely never know the cause, but one day last week her liver suddenly shut down on her. She was healthy one day, and weak and jaundiced the next. Diane at Fairfax Vet did everything she could to help reverse the organ failure, but it wasn’t to be. Her whole body just shut down on her, and we lost her after several days of Diane doing her best to send her back to us. Like Ivy, this cat is far too sweet to not leave a permanent impression on the hearts of all those she knew. We miss her greatly.



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