Sometimes a cat comes in too physically broken to be fixed, no matter how sweet she is, and how much effort the vet pours into her. I know full well that Diane of Fairfax Vet did all she could for Ivy, but in the end, there was no fixing her. She had been losing weight and having digestive troubles, and after several vet visits and almost losing her twice, the reason was found to be that her body was riddled with tumors. All that was left for us was to say goodbye to one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. She had the most adorable old lady meow that she greeted everyone with, in hopes that she would get some more petting. She loved attention! And those eyes! She had the biggest, roundest eyes that no one could say no to. In the few weeks she was here, she worked her way into the hearts of all the staff, and I’m sure many a volunteer. At least in her last weeks here, she was surrounded by love and pettings, with soft beds and blankets to lay on, and all the food she was able to eat. We will never forget Ivy. A soul this sweet leaves a permanent impression on one’s heart.



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