***Adopted!*** Kyle

***Adopted!*** Kyle


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  1. We are wondering if for sure Kyle is not afraid of dogs. Our cat was put to sleep a little over a week ago so we are trying to find another cat. But we have 2 dogs. A blind yorkie poo and a jack Russell. We are currently trying out Hope. We like her a lot but she doesn’t like the jack russel at all so she spends most of her time in the basement. I think she would be better off in a home without dogs. Curious if we could try Kyle for awhile to see if he would get along with our dogs. I’m assuming his fee would be the$130 ish. Thanks, Kay

    • I’m sorry, but Kyle just got adopted. The younger kittens are $125 adoption fee, and the older ones, as in, those that are about 6 months to a year, are typically $100. (Though fees can vary.) The cats are tested with a small terrier mix (my own Gustav, who lives with five cats at home and, while he can be very outgoing and playful with them, is pretty well behaved. He loves kitties.) Testing them typically involves letting the cat mingle with Gustav in a room, and seeing how the cat reacts. Have you met any of the kitties at the Redwood Shelter? If you have any other in mind, let us know, and I can bring in Gustav to see how they do. 🙂 And yes, you can adopt a cat and bring him or her home, and then bring the cat back within 30 days if he or she does not get along with your dogs.

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