Rosie Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Rosie the sweet and talkative is looking for a patient and quiet home to call her own!


Rosie is back and still looking for that perfect home. She is our second longest resident at the shelter, having been here for more than 2 years. Rosie is a personality that is absolutely AMAZING once she trusts you. She will go up to staff and “talk” to them until she gets attention. She loves to hang out with or near her people! However, she is also a personality that requires you to earn that trust. We are unsure what she went through in the past, but trust does not come quick and easy to Rosie. It took her several months to start to come out of her shell when she first arrived at the shelter. She will need that same kind of patience in whatever home decides to take her in. She is also not a fan of a lot of activity and noise, so would likely not do well in a household with young children. She also does not much care for dogs, though would likely get used to a quiet dog that let her be. (There is a small terrier mix that she doesn’t mind.) She gets along just fine with cats, and is currently housed in a room that usually has no less than 8 cats at any given time. She loves soft chairs (she is always taking over the adoption coordinator’s chair in the lobby!) and also hidey holes to be her comfort zone.

Rosie in one of her favorite places; the adoption coordinator’s chair.

Rosie was born around 2009.

She is a big girl at about 18 lbs. She loves her food a little too much! She could due to lose a little weight.

She was surrendered to the shelter at 8 years old back on May 12, 2017.


Rosie is spayed and kept up to date on her vaccinations. She is also kept up to date on her dewormings and her topical flea/ear mite preventative (Revolution.)

If you think you have a place in your family for Rosie, come visit her at the shelter, no appointment necessary, M-F 2-6 and Sat 10-noon. You can also call at 507-644-3853.

Rosie in one of her hidey holes, a roll cage that is left open in the front lobby. It is her safe place. (And yes, she can come and go as she pleases; she is not confined in there.)

Update June 18, 2019: Rosie’s home sadly did not work out. 🙁

Update June 7, 2019: Our third longest resident has found a home!!! Rosie was at the shelter for over two years after she was surrendered, but she has finally found a new family to call her own! Yay!!!


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  1. Hi, would like to know how nice Rosie is, she looks like such a nice kitty

    • Hi, Rosie is a sweet lady. She can be a little testy every now and then, but does love to be pet and have attetion!

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