***All Adopted!*** Puppies! Lulu, Dora, Leona, and Millie

On Friday, May 26, we received four puppies that were seized by the local police for neglect. They were about 6 weeks old on arrival, so were born around April 20. They proved to be extremely wormy, with the little runt, Millie, being downright lethargic on arrival. I don’t know if she would’ve lasted another week. 🙁 After two wormings, these four were still expelling worms, and thus needed a third worming just in the course of one week! It looked like they were pooping spaghetti. All were also some degree of underweight. Since these photos were taken the day they arrived, their huge worm bellies I’m afraid are still quite evident, as well as a leanness over the back and hindquarters. They look so much better now!

One week after arrival, the four are all active and playful and looking so much better. Millie took three days to go from just laying around all the time to keeping up with her sisters. They have all put on about 2 pounds apiece in just 7 days. New pictures coming soon that better represent these vibrant, wonderful pups!

All four will be available for adoption when we deem them old enough and well enough, which will likely be about 2 weeks. We don’t know the parentage of these pups, but they look to be at least a good portion terrier, probably some kind of ratting terrier based on their personalities and the way they play. A rough estimate to adult size for these pups is around 30-40 pounds, based on their size vs their age now. They are not going to be large dogs. All four are girls.

These four have become just the sweetest, cuddliest little things! They love laps, and to be held and pet and cuddled. You can play with them for a while, then when they get tired, they will seek out a warm lap and curl up for a nap. They are very social dogs. Usually a dog that is a cuddler as a puppy stays that way as an adult too. They are also all quite smart, even at this young age; they are starting to get the idea that outside is the place to go to the bathroom, if they are given a chance. They are too young and have to go to the bathroom too often to even be able to be housetrained just yet. However, they understand enough already that they don’t use their bed as a toilet. They are wonderful dogs; we staff (as well as some regular volunteers) love them to pieces!

Even if you don’t want to adopt, feel free to stop in during open hours to play with the pups; they do so love attention, and the socialization is good for them!

***Adopted!*** Millie:

***Adopted!*** Millie

***Adopted!*** Lulu:

***Adopted!*** Lulu

***Adopted!*** Leona:

***Adopted!*** Leona

***Adopted!*** Dora:

***Adopted!*** Dora


5 responses to “***All Adopted!*** Puppies! Lulu, Dora, Leona, and Millie

  1. I was wondering if Lulu is still available? I would love to come in to see her.

  2. Do you still have the Mom? I read that she was saves. Leisa Evers kkrjss@hotmail.com

  3. I would like to bring my son to take a look at Dora. My phone number is 5072177042

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