Lily needs a new home! This poor kitten had quite the rough start to life. We were shocked to learn that she was not a stray, but owned by someone who knew she had an eye infection and left it untreated. She was brought into the shelter after her owner ended up in jail, but by then it was too late to save her eye. I am not going to post the picture of her upon arrival, because it is too gruesome. How the vet put it, the protruding mass from her socket was no longer even an eye, but a mass of granulation tissue and rotting flesh. Little toad woke up from her surgery to remove the eye ready to play and to love again. She is such a happy kitty; she doesn’t seem to begrudge anyone her circumstances. In fact, she seems relieved to be unburdened of the constant pain that her eye had caused her for likely weeks.
Lily was born around the beginning of June, we figure. She is being fostered at the vet’s office who took care of her; she is at Fairfax Vet currently, if you would like to meet her.

Toad’s recently removed eye.




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