***Adopted!*** Camilla

***Adopted!*** Camilla


***Update March 28, 2018: Confirmed pregnant with 5-6 pups.***

***Update: Camilla has a home waiting for her when her puppies are weaned.***

***Update April 20, 2018: Camilla gave birth to 6 healthy puppies on April 20, 2018. They will be ready for homes no sooner than June 15.***




Camilla was recently surrendered to our shelter, with the high likelihood of having been bred by the intact beagle mix she was housed with. She will need a home when her pups are weaned.

Update March 28, 2018: Confirmed pregnant with 5-6 pups.

Camilla is a chihuahua mix that was originally from Texas, born on May 11, 2017. She looks like she is likely a mix of many different breeds, too many to truly try to decide what she is other than plain adorable. She weighs in at 16 pounds. She is super docile, sweet, and quiet. And so smart! She loves to follow people around and be with people as much as possible. She loves to be pet and held too. She is even good about having her nails trimmed. She is friendly with other dogs and with cats, as well as with any person she’s ever met. She really is a great little dog!

When she is ready for a new home, she will be spayed and up to date on her vaccinations as a part of her adoption fee. She will also have been wormed, bathed, and treated topically with a flea/tick preventative.

Camilla gave birth on April 20, 2018 to 6 healthy pups.

For updates on her pups, see their page here.


6 responses to “***Adopted!*** Camilla

  1. Charrieth BraveBull

    Interested bin Adopting Alahondro..

  2. Charrieth BraveBull

    Interested in adopting Alahondro..

  3. Are we allowed to adopt her and the puppies and how much will that cost?

    • Her and each of her puppies will be adopted out individually when the pups are weaned and old enough to leave their mother’s side. Adoption fees have not been set yet, and likely won’t be until it is closer to the time for them to find homes. If you are interested in adopting, you will need to fill out an adoption application, which can be found right here on this website or at the shelter. It can be mailed or emailed to the shelter, or feel free to drop it off if you’d rather.

  4. Me and my family would like to come in and meet camill. Maybe adopt her!

    • Hello! It will be at least 12 weeks before she is ready for a new home. We just had her ultrasounded, and she is confirmed pregnant. She will be available for adoption when her puppies are weaned and she has been spayed.

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