***Adopted!***Miss Kitty

***Adopted!*** Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty

Miss Kitty has been at the shelter for six years now, almost since its opening. Once she knows and trusts you, she is extremely affectionate. She will even request that you pick her up and hold her. She wants to love and be loved. We have grown quite fond of her here at the shelter; she is practically our mascot by now! She has a home here as long as she needs. However, we would love to see her get a home at long last, a family to call her own, that can give her the love and individual attention that we just can’t give her in the abundance she deserves.

So why is she still here? Before she came to the shelter, she was allowed to be teased by children until she had enough and retaliated. (Which is why she ended up here.) She was for years very defensive around people, assuming they too wanted to be mean to her. She is still leery about anyone touching her tail, which was pulled frequently, but will let most new people pet her these days without running off. And once she knows you, she even requests affection! She has taken a long time to start to trust people again. But she has opened up so much!
She still doesn’t entirely trust children, so would be best in a mature home only. She also hates dogs; she will attack dogs. (Though she seems to have made an exception for one little terrier mix, so long as he doesn’t mess with her.) Other cats she is fine with.

Miss Kitty is about nine years old and pretty mild mannered these days. She is a lovely blue tabby with big yellow eyes. She has been spayed and is up to date on her vaccinations. She is also current on wormings, including preventatives for coccidia and giardia, and is kept up to date on her topical flea/ear mite preventative (Revolution.)

If you think you are the right home for Miss Kitty, please contact the shelter at 507-644-3853, or else stop in during open hours, M-F 3-7 and Sat 11-1. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, visitors are always welcome to come play with the critters during open hours, no appointment necessary.


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