***Adopted!*** Frosty

***Adopted!*** Frosty
Frosty.  Male/neutered, front declawed, domestic shorthair, spotted orange tabby.  Was found in a snowbank with his ear tips frozen off.

Born late summer 2017.

Frosty needs a new home! He was originally found as a kitten back in 2017, sitting in a snowbank with his ear tips frozen off. He was taken in by a kind family, who took great care of him. However, the older cats in the household did not appreciate a playful young cat in the house. So now Frosty is looking for a new home with occupants that will better appreciate his kitten antics. He is a little cautious of new cats and dogs, but once he knows they’re okay, he will try to play with them. He loves dark hidey-holes. He is also really appreciative of grooming and pettings. He can be a little cautious of strangers, but he is a very nice kitty once he knows you!

Frosty is neutered and front declawed. He has also been updated on his vaccines, tested negative for feline leukemia, been dewormed, including preventatives for coccidia and giardia, been treated topically with a flea/ear mite preventative (Revolution), and had a negative fecal float to check for internal parasites, all as a part of his adoption fee.

If you are interested in adopting, please call the shelter at 507-644-3853, or else stop in and visit during open hours, no appointment necessary, M-F 2-6 and Sat 10-Noon. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, feel free to come in to our cat rooms and play with the kitties. They love the attention and affection!



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