***Adopted!*** Tipsy

***Adopted!*** Tipsy
Tipsy. Male/neutered Shih tzu or mix. Appx 8-10 years old. Found at large on Fri. 7/26 in Redwood Falls. Available for adoption on Fri. Aug. 2 if not claimed.

Tipsy is friendly and cuddly. He loves laps, and being cuddled or held. He also enjoys being pet pretty much as long as you are willing. He is the chill kind of little dog that would happily crash with you on the couch in the evening and watch your favorite show with you. He also likes going out on walks. He is very good on the leash; he just ambles along behind, enjoying the sights. He gets along great with cats and other dogs, but would likely not be a good fit for young children, as he gets grumpy if someone causes discomfort. (He grumped at me for removing some mats from him, though I can’t exactly blame him. He was great to handle until I caused some discomfort by tugging a mat too hard I was trying to cut out. Even then, he just barked and swung his head around, like “Hey! Cut that out!”)

He is a non-shedding dog, which means he will need frequent grooming to keep him happy and clean. His fur is very soft and mats easily. (Though is splendid to pet!)

He appears to be housetrained. He waits to go outside to do his business, and hasn’t messed his kennel yet. (Though all dogs when transitioning to a new home may have accidents until a routine is established.)


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  1. We are interested in Tipsy. Will be stopping by the shelter this week to meet him.

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