Gin being silly.

Ginger can be friendly on his own terms. He enjoys some attention and petting, but needs the freedom to walk away if he gets overwhelmed. He is cramped and rather cranky being cooped up in the shelter with so many other cats and strangers around; we think he would be much happier if we can find him either a home by himself or else an outdoor home where he has the freedom to explore and have his own space.

Gin ready to play.

Born Sept. 20, 2018.

Ginger is neutered. He has been updated on his vaccines. He has also been dewormed, tested negative for feline leukemia, and treated with a topical flea/ear mite preventative (Revolution.)

If you are interested in adopting, please call the shelter at 507-644-3853, or else stop in during open hours, no appointment necessary, and meet him: M-F 2-6 and Sat 10-Noon. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, you are welcome to come play with the kitties and help socialize them!


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