***Adoption Pending*** Roswell

Roswell. Male/neutered, Catahoula leopardish looking mixed breed. Blue merle with tan/ leopard spotted. (Very flashy- you need to see him in person!) Born appx. 2016. 59 lbs and full grown. Gets along great with other dogs and with cats. Good with people he knows, but is shy of strangers. (Though not at all agressive.) Very loyal to his family.

Roswell is a bit shy of strangers, but he got oh so lovey after I spent just about 20 minutes with him. <3 Remember, this is the first time I’ve done anything with him, as he had just arrived. He push his face into my hand for pettings, and when I stopped rubbing his face, he’d push it into my palm again. I can only imagine how sweet he will be once he knows a person well!

Roswell getting his face rubbed and loving it. Taken August 24, 2019.

He walks very nicely with you. Don’t you just love those droopy-sweet sad hound dog eyes?

Roswell. Taken August 24, 2019.

He loves belly rubs, and having his face rubbed, and laying beside you all cuddled up against you.

Roswell cuddling up against my leg. Taken August 24, 2019.

He is pretty low key with other dogs and cats, though is cautious when first meeting them. Once he makes friends with the other dog, he enjoys playing.

Roswell. Taken August 24, 2019.

He seems worried about being harmed when first meeting a person, but has never offered anything but submission when approached. He is very gentle. His foster family had nothing but good to say about him too: They say he enjoys playing with other dogs, and is playful and curious once he’s comfortable. They also say he is a faithful companion and will be missed by all who know him. (And I concur!)

Roswell. Taken August 24, 2019.

59 lbs.

Born appx. Summer 2016.

Roswell getting belly rubs. Taken August 24, 2019.

Male/neutered Catahoula leopard dog? mix.

Roswell doing some more cuddling while trying to pet his own face. Taken August 24, 2019.

Roswell is neutered. He has received her rabies, bordetella, and distemper vaccines. He is also tested heartworm negative. She has been wormed and treated with a topical flea/mite/heartworm preventative (Revolution.)

If you are interested in adopting, stop in to the shelter any time it’s open, no appointment necessary: M-F 2-6 and Sat 10-noon. You can also call at 507-644-6853. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, you are welcome to stop in and play with any of the dogs or cats that are waiting for their forever homes.

Roswell. Taken August 24, 2019.

3 responses to “***Adoption Pending*** Roswell

  1. is he house trained? also the price please?

  2. Lorine Goblirsch

    I am really interested in this dog !!! What is the adoption fee?

  3. Please email me Roswell’s cost to adopt. I am very interested in adding him to our family! Thank you!

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