**Adopted** Ajax

Ajax at about 9 weeks old, taken Aug. 27, 2019. Male, spotted brown tabby. Born appx. June 20, 2019.

Little Ajax was found as a sickly stray born to a feral mother. He spent some time at foster to grow and get strong, and now he is back at the shelter and ready for a home of his own! He has recovered well, and now is active and playful. He is spunky! He loves to play. He is quite affectionate with people too. He comes right up to you for attention; he is first in the room to greet you! He loves to roll belly-up for some tummy rubs.

Ajax at about 9 weeks old, taken Aug. 27, 2019

Seriously, it hard to find a nice kitten than this. He is amazing!

Ajax at about 6 weeks old, taken August 6, 2019.

He will be neutered* and updated on his vaccines as a part of his adoption fee. He has also received dewormings, been treated topically with a flea/ear mite preventative (Revolution), tested negative for feline leukemia, had a negative fecal float to test for internal parasites, and has had a medicated/antifungal bath.

Ajax at about 6 weeks old, taken August 6, 2019.

*Kittens who are not yet old enough at the time of adoption will be spayed/neutered as a part of the adoption fee when they reach an appropriate age. The adopter needs to bring the kitten back to our partnering vet, Riverside Animal Clinic in Redwood Falls. The adoption fee covers their spay/neuter as long as it’s done through this specific vet. (We do not cover the spay/neuter if done at a non-partnering veterinarian.)

Ajax at about 5 weeks old, taken August 1, 2019.

If you are interested in adopting, please call the shelter at 507-644-3853, or else stop in during open hours, no appointment necessary, and meet him: M-F 2-6 and Sat 10-Noon. Even if you aren’t looking to adopt, you are welcome to come play with the kitties and help socialize them!


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  1. Jennifer L Stirk

    He seems so adorable. Is he still there?


  2. Your site is very good and we used it. I hope you are always successful.

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