****Adopted*** Spencer

Spencer, Male/neutered chihuahua/terrier mix. Born June 2013. Pampered house pet who’s used to kids and gets along with dogs and cats.
16 lbs, though should be closer to 10 lbs. (He needs to lose weight. 🙂 )

Spencer is a sweet and tolerant little guy who is used to being a bit spoiled.


He has been around kids as young as three and was very good with them. He used to live with another dog and was fine with that dog, though he can be a little territorial with new dogs and may try to mark his territory. He is friendly with cats, though will tell a cat off who tried to play too hard. He doesn’t bite or anything, just grumps at the cat.

Spencer’s cute little spots.

Spencer was once the pampered house pet of an older lady, who unfortunately had to move into a place that only allowed one dog. So now Spencer needs a new family to spoil him.

Spencer, full of smiles.

He gives up toys easily with people. He can be a bit protective of his treats with other dogs, though not with people.


He is very well mannered on a leash and doesn’t pull. He would very much like to go on walks and get back into shape. He loves walks! He does like to bark at things out on a walk.


He is described by his previous owner as cuddly and affectionate, social, and easygoing and mellow. He enjoys having his tummy rubbed. He does love to play and and can be quite active outdoors if you let him. He loves car rides, He also enjoys playing with toys.


His previous owner has said that he would make a great family pet. He would be perfectly happy as an only pet, though gets along fine with other pets.

16 lbs. (thought should be more like 10-12 lbs.)

Born June 2013.

Chihuahua/ terrier mix.

Spencer has been neutered and updated on his vaccines. He was wormed, and has been treated with a topical flea/mite/heartworm preventative. (Revolution.)

If you are interested in adopting, please call the shelter at 507-644-3853. You can stop in to the shelter and meet him anytime the shelter is open, no appointment necessary: M-F 2-6 and Sat 10-noon. Even if you aren’t interested in adopting, feel free to stop in and play with the critters.


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  1. How much is the adoption fee?!

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