Captain, Sailor, Polly and Jack Sparrow **Are all ready to be adopted!

Jack Sparrow

Captain, Polly and Sailor are all siblings that were rescued by a gentleman in Lamberton. He found them during one of the very bad rain storms we had trying to hide in a tractor tire. The littlest one (Captain) was drowning in a puddle and unable to get out. He got them all home and warmed up and tried his hand at feeding them, when he discovered he needed some help he brought them into us and we were able to bring them back to full health and now they are thriving! Jack Sparrow was found alone and brought in and since he is similar sized we decided he could be an adoptive sibling to the other 3! They won’t be ready for adoption for a little while yet as they are still very tiny and need to grow, but we wanted to introduce them to everyone!


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