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Captain, Sailor, Polly and Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

Captain, Polly and Sailor are all siblings that were rescued by a gentleman in Lamberton. He found them during one of the very bad rain storms we had trying to hide in a tractor tire. The littlest one (Captain) was drowning in a puddle and unable to get out. He got them all home and warmed up and tried his hand at feeding them, when he discovered he needed some help he brought them into us and we were able to bring them back to full health and now they are thriving! Jack Sparrow was found alone and brought in and since he is similar sized we decided he could be an adoptive sibling to the other 3! They won’t be ready for adoption for a little while yet as they are still very tiny and need to grow, but we wanted to introduce them to everyone!


Charleston is part of a litter that came in when their owner passed away. Charleston is looking for a family of his own or one that he can share! Please call or come in and meet him Mon-Fri 2pm to 6pm or Saturdays 10am to noon. 507-644-3853


Beechie is part of a litter that came into the shelter when their owner passed away. He is looking for a forever home of his own or to share one! Please call or come in to visit the cute guy Mon-Fri 2pm to 6pm or Saturdays 10am to noon. 507-644-3853


Penelope is a very sweet little Chihuahua mix looking for a lap to warm. She loves to be with people, following you around or hanging out in your lap while you work on the computer. Please call or come in to meet her Mon-Fri 2pm to 6pm or Saturdays 10am to noon. 507-644-3853

****Chomper Has Been ADOPTED!!!*****

Chomper is here! He is a friendly, loving black lab mix looking for his forever home. He loves other dogs and kids. Small children may not be right for him due to his size and tendency to jump. Chomper needs a home where someone will be able to spend plenty of time with him! Please call or stop in to visit this big guy Mon-Fri 2pm to 6pm or Saturdays 10am to noon. 507-644-3853

***Adopted!*** Willow

***Adopted!*** Willow


Sometimes a cat comes in too physically broken to be fixed, no matter how sweet she is, and how much effort the vet pours into her. I know full well that Diane of Fairfax Vet did all she could for Ivy, but in the end, there was no fixing her. She had been losing weight and having digestive troubles, and after several vet visits and almost losing her twice, the reason was found to be that her body was riddled with tumors. All that was left for us was to say goodbye to one of the sweetest cats you’ll ever meet. She had the most adorable old lady meow that she greeted everyone with, in hopes that she would get some more petting. She loved attention! And those eyes! She had the biggest, roundest eyes that no one could say no to. In the few weeks she was here, she worked her way into the hearts of all the staff, and I’m sure many a volunteer. At least in her last weeks here, she was surrounded by love and pettings, with soft beds and blankets to lay on, and all the food she was able to eat. We will never forget Ivy. A soul this sweet leaves a permanent impression on one’s heart.



This has been a hard week at the shelter, with the loss of Ivy, and now with the loss of another dear, sweet feline friend; Sox. Sox was a sweet old soul that had become a staff favorite in her time at the shelter. She loved everyone around her, and made it her personal mission to let them know it. She would sit on the desk when you were working on paperwork, or on the back of the plush leather chair, or right alongside you. Anywhere near her people was fine by her. She had her favorite cubby in the bathroom cupboard. Initially, we tried to keep her out, but she had figured out how to undo the latch and get in anyway. So we just gave in, moved the toilet paper, and gave her a bed there instead. She was quick to leave her spot, though, if she saw the opportunity to go get some attention from someone. We will likely never know the cause, but one day last week her liver suddenly shut down on her. She was healthy one day, and weak and jaundiced the next. Diane at Fairfax Vet did everything she could to help reverse the organ failure, but it wasn’t to be. Her whole body just shut down on her, and we lost her after several days of Diane doing her best to send her back to us. Like Ivy, this cat is far too sweet to not leave a permanent impression on the hearts of all those she knew. We miss her greatly.


New Shelter Hours

new-hoursStarting June 1, the weekday shelter hours will change.  We will be open from 3pm to 7pm Monday through Friday.  Saturday’s hours of 11am to 1pm will remain.

Many Thanks!

We would like to express our thanks for the generous donations to the shelter .


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It is thanks to giving people and groups like you that helps the shelter continue to provide the service we do.