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A Special Thank You!

A special thanks to Amy McCallum for the Kuranda Cat Tower and Dog beds that she donated to our shelter.  As you can see our cats are already loving them.

Cat TowerCat Tower 2

Anyone else wishing to donate can do so by clicking following the link below.


And again, Thank y0u Amy for you generosity.


2014 Christmas News Letter

Due to technical difficulties the shelter was not able to complete our 2014 Christmas news letter.  Unfortunately this is one of our regular fundraiser events.  Any and all donations would be appreciated and can be sent to the shelter at the address shown on our website or dropped off in person during regular shelter hours.  Thank you to everyone that donated money or supplies throughout the year.   A big thanks also goes out to all the wonderful volunteers that have supported the shelter this past year.

Happy New Year and Thank You from the RAAS Board and Management

Adoptable Pet Pictures Updated

Our website has been updated with current pictures of all adoptable animals.  You can view them by clicking on the “Adoptable Pets” tab near the top, then clicking on the category.

Pickle and Oreo Adopted!

2014 is going out with a bang at the shelter. We have had quite a few of our fury friends find their forever homes this week.
Today was a special day as one of our long time residents (Pickle) and his friend Oreo were adopted by a person that has had a long time connection with a very special cat. David Frankham, who provided the voice of Sergeant Tibbs the cat in Walt Disney’s One Hundred and One Dalmatians. We wish David and friend the best with their new family members.
David Frankham. and Oreo


Thank You, Boy Scout Troop 70

The Redwood Area Animal Shelter would like to thank local Boy Scout troop 70 for the generous donation of two hand built cat towers and spending some time visiting the animals.

Boy Scout troop 70